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Bubble Football, a new sport filled with overdoses of adrenaline and fun! The good news? You can play with us in Prague! Last Man Standing, Sumo and Zorb Bulldog are games in which you don’t even need to touch the ball and there will be so much freakin’ fun in the air you literally won’t know how to stop laughing. Do you like that feeling? Then book now!


This breathtaking sport was born in Norway. A group of friends decided to wear a zorb ball while bumping into each other. From bumping their balls into each other in one cold park in Norway to inventing a global sport—what a story! And it’s a story you can be part of when you bump balls with your friends. Some people ask us if zorb football is safe. It isn’t more dangerous than a traditional game of football (or soccer, if you want). Your head is protected by the ball and the body is completely protected, so you only have to pay attention to your ankles and knees–sprains and dislocations are as common as when playing football. We give you knee protection, just make sure to bring some good trainers/sneakers for your feet.

Do not wait one second longer and give us a call to reserve a place—no deposit needed. As an addition to an amazing experience, we’ll give you some tips, like where to hang out in Prague for the best food, beer and other things you might like


First Hour

  6 bubbles—4800 Kč (195 €)
  8 bubbles—5200 Kč (210 €) 
10 bubbles—5600 Kč (225 €)

Each Additional Hour

  6 bubbles—3300 Kč (135 €)
  8 bubbles—3600 Kč (145 €)
10 bubbles—3900 Kč (155 €)

You can play inside (if it is raining or too cold for the balls to be out) or you can play outside, which is great fun! If you want to organize a game outside Prague, just say where and we will bring the bubbles to you! Price per km outside Prague: 50 cents.


  • bubbles’ lease
  • drinks
  • training session
  • the lease of the indoor or outdoor pitch

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