Skydiving in Prague

Skydiving in Prague

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Our skydiving season stretches out from the middle of March until the end of October. Please check the calendar below for available dates. But of course, all of our activities are weather dependant.

operating on Saturdays and Sundays

This is your chance: Cheapest Skydiving in Europe

Tandem-jump from and Altitude of 4200 m, freefall with more than 200 km/h and experience a Rush of Adrenaline like never before

What you will do:

Jump at 4,000m altitude. Freefall time is 1 minute at over 200km/h. Our professional videographers can catch the moment for you!


  • 194 € – Tandem jump 
  • 294 € –  Tandem jump incl. HD video of the jump and photos
  • 20 € - Extra “Selfie” shots on 4.0 GB USB flash drive

What to expect:

A feeling better (and far healthier) than any drug. Child-like adrenaline-induced happiness that will last for a day after your safe landing. Pride for having done it at all.

What's Included in the Price

  • Tandem Jump
  • Gift T-Shirt
  • Certificate
  • Instructions and Training
  • Return-Transport between Prague and the Airfield

Our tandem jump is an Adrenaline rush unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Quick 5-10 mins training, and you go up to the sky. The plane climbs into an altitude of up to 4000 m (14000 ft) , which takes about 15 minutes so you can enjoy yourselves while looking at beautiful czech countryside. Then green light flashes, plane door opens, your heart stops for a while and off you go, jump! Flying like a bird, freefalling for about 1 minute at the speed of more than 200 km/h (125 mph), then parachute opens and you are cruising the sky for another 6 minutes. For the landing you simply lift your legs up in the air and our professional tandem pilot will get you safely to the ground again.

Optional: Get your jump recorded!

Our professional cameramen can catch the moment for you! From gearing up, entering the plane, the whole freefall and landing, all in one beautiful video so you can show all your friends your moments of bravery!!

All of our customer videos are given out in HD Quality on 4.0 GB USB Flash drives! All drives are beautifully engraved with our logos, and are supporting OTG protocol, so you can plug it directly in your smartphone and watch the video instantly! You can check out some pictures of the USB Drives.

Optional: #Selfie

You can now also opt to have, not only external cameraman, shoot your freefall experience, but also have a close look on your emotional rollercoaster from a GoPro camera on the tandem pilot’s wrist. What’s more from this camera, you will also get great shots from riding the open parachute after the freefall, all this edited into one beautiful video! Check out some examples on our Facebook page!

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